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Pin Genie Vault AppLock App

Hey guys today we are sharing new app.PIN Genie Vault comes with the most secure PIN lock. The magic PIN lock protects your apps with only 4 sleek buttons. Each button includes 3 numbers and all numbers reshuffle after each attempt which make it impossible to see the PIN. The patented PIN pad is the ultimate in privacy and will keep anyone from seeing your PIN, even if they watch you input it

PIN Genie Vaulthas the Applock feature that can lock and protect any apps such as, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, photo album, bank app,etc. Simply tap 1 button to lock or unlock.

With our PIN Genie Vault, you can lock your favorite apps and protect your sensitive data in your phones from prying eyes. Safeguard your privacy with PIN Genie Vault now


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